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How To Structure Your Online Class Effectively?

How To Structure Your Online Class Effectively

“Gone are the days when students use to sit in a classroom to make notes during lectures”

Since the rise of global pandemic, the way of learning has evolved immensely. The online classes has taken over the original classes.

I remember the first time I heard about Zoom and Blackboard Collaborate. I thought it was a genius concept but like any new idea there are few drawbacks. From my observations these are all unknowingly caused by both the teachers and students.

But these can be easily resolved by building a strong structure and getting organized for the online classes.

Let’s dive into the world of online classes and renew its structure.

Reduce Distractions

By distractions I don’t mean family members barging in and pets wanting attention. Reducing distractions such as social media, calls, and messages and eating. When you are at an online class, your entire attention should be on it and on it only.

To improve the efficiency of an online class, you need complete and undivided attention from both the receiver and giver.

Your Own Space

By distractions I don’t mean family members barging in and pets wanting attention. Reducing distractions such as social media, calls, and messages and eating. When you are at an online class, your entire attention should be on it and on it only.

To improve the efficiency of an online class, you need complete and undivided attention from both the receiver and giver.

Organized Notes

As a student you are expected to make your own notes while you are attending your online class. Things have become harder for teachers particularly because they have no aids such as a blackboard available to teach.

Lack of such tools have caused minor obstacles for teachers. The solution to this problem can be solved by providing a detailed PDF file that consists the entire lecture by the teacher. This way the students can redo the topics they did not understand.

Time Management

Online classes are shorter than regular classes. There is so much curriculum that can’t be covered within an hour.

Teachers should designate weekly schedule of homework, reading books, assignments and essay. Making the most of online learning. Academic calendars will give the feeling of a regular classroom.

Small Classes

On average a regular classroom has 30 to 50 students. But online classes do not work that way. You cannot provide attention to more than 20 students in one online classes.

 Staring into 50 small screens all at the same time is not feasible for teachers. Therefore the sizes of these classes should be smaller than normal classes.

Participate More

Participating not only on the online classes but being active within the student groups. You can help out your classmate in their assignment or essay topic. You have discussions on the previous lectures and makes notes together.

Students can also set aside 30 minutes of open discussions between them before every class. These practices makes a lot of difference at the end. You will feel the learning curve ascending at a good pace.

Mandatory Break

A long online class can take a toll on anyone’s mental health. Be it the teacher or the student. Staring at a screen for a long period of time can cause headaches and dizziness.

Therefore mandatory breaks of 10 minutes should be given after every hour. These breaks were the highlight of my online classes.

This naturally improves the efficiency of the online classes. A good break provides motivation to concentrate for the next hour of a difficult class.

Online Resources

When you have an online class, your college and school will also provide you with an online library. Make the best out these facilities, utilize it for making notes and handing in homework. There are writing services that can help you write your essays and assignments. Believe me they are a life savers. At the end of my semester it was getting hard for me to take online classes while doing my nursing job. One of my friends suggested to get a service that will take my class for me and maintain proper notes.


Only you know how you learn best. Do you like to keep post it notes around your desk? Do you like to highlight key points?

All these questions can be answered by you. Taking responsibilities will make your online classes worth it. You need to keep your motivation high and attend your classes with a positive vibe.

If you are the teacher giving classes, you need to maintain the discipline during the classes. Rescheduling classes leaves a bad impression on the students.

Make sure your internet connection is good and you are present at the video platform few minutes before the class starts.

How Online Classes Save The Time Of The Students?

How Online Classes Save The Time Of The Students?

What a delight is it to be a student in the 21st century!

Oh No! I am in no way desensitizing the issue of COVID19, I’m just trying to see the blessings in disguise.

The pandemic caused everyone to heavily rely on the internet for anything and everything; that includes education as well. The closure of academic institutes has not hindered the flow of education, thanks to online classes; the one true frenemy of modern-day students.

Online Classes; the Future of Modern Education

Online classes have become extremely predominant in recent times and there is no debate about it.

It already existed before but was not given as much attention until the Pandemic hit us with its catastrophes. If we look at it this way, that it helped not break the flow of learning, online education is not bad at all. And even if you are someone who isn’t quite fond of the idea of online classes, you should get used to it as online education is becoming the face of future education.

In the US alone, over 30% of the higher education students take at least one online class.

The prevalence of online classes is so much that now if you search “Pay Someone to Take My Class Online” on the search bar, you will find so many websites offering to do it for you.

How does it save Your Time?

If you ask me what the most important thing in the world is? I would reply with “time” right away. Remember what they say, guys?

Time & Tides Wait for Nobody

As a student, over half of your time, a day is dedicated to your studies and schoolwork. I always used to think to myself how fast a day goes by when it was a school day, but the tables have turned now that online classes have taken over. Here is why:

Transport? You Don’t Need That Anymore

Gone are the days when we had to embark on long journeys in order to get to our academic destinations. The friends, I had in high school used to come from places so far away. That’s so much time wasted! Not just time, imagine all the money that goes into traveling? Students are already crippled under the finances of their tuitions, transport adds more to it. Students who live miles away from their campus spend hundreds of dollars a month in commute. Courtesy of the internet now the only place you have to travel to is the Zoom app on your laptop (that too, virtually).

You Say ‘Convenient’ I Hear Distance Learning!

Convenience is a luxury not everyone gets but if you are a student in 2021, convenience is at your doorsteps at all times. Online classes offer an all-inclusive experience. You don’t have to buy heavy books that take you to trip over a gazillion times while carrying it to your schools/colleges/universities. You have it all covered on the internet.

Online classes are not only for students enrolled in institutes, people from all walks of life learn through online classes. For example:

Imagine you are a full-time employee at a company but you are also enrolled in an online baking course as a student. You don’t have the time to physically go to an institute and learn baking. This is where online classes come into action. You can just sit at home and learn how to bake a red velvet cake whenever it’s feasible for you without having to leave one for another! Voila!

Distractions? Never Heard of That!

Have you ever had a day at school when you end up getting no work done (here goes half of my school life)? Why do you think is that?

Well, there is only one definitive answer for this and it is DISTRACTIONS. While I’m not claiming that online education is entirely distraction-free but when compared to traditional classes, it offers lesser distractions.

When Subject Experts Take Charge:

Another perk of online classes is that subject experts take them. When professionals take your classes you not only learn better but it also saves your time; given the fact that you get to clear your concepts once and for all instead of stressing about it for days. The online class allows you to clear your queries on spot by texting in the forum. This creates a fast paced learning environment that caters to the student’s needs promptly.

Let’s Wrap It Up:

Taking into consideration all that’s been said, it’s safe to say that online classes are very time efficient when compared with the system traditional classes.

All this inevitably contributes to saving time and spending it more efficiently.