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As you do research and write, keeping note of your sources may help you stay disciplined and ethical. You may quickly remove a source from your bibliography if you decide not to use it. Have you prepared a citation yet? So, stop spending time trying to figure out the proper citation style. With Pay to Take My Class Online’s APA citation generator, you can quickly and accurately create APA citations for any source by searching for them by title, URL, ISBN, or DOI. Without prior experience.

APA Citation Generator Search Bar Requirements:

1. Which formats do we employ?
APA 6 and APA 7
2. What credible sources are acceptable?
Websites, books, and articles are all acceptable sources.
3. Autocite:
Search by Title, Author, Journal, URL, DOI, and ISBN searches

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We let you use precise citations that have been examined by PTTMCO experts.

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APA Referencing Generator Features you’ll love

Convert to Bib(La)TeX
To continue working with your preferred LaTeX editor, our APA referencing generator lets you export in BibTeX format.
Export to Word:
References all collected? With proper punctuation and space already set up for you.
Filtering, Grouping, and Sorting:
You may arrange the reference list in any way you like: from A to Z, new to old, or by source type.
Numerous Lists for Saving:
For each of your assignments, make a different reference list to stay organized.
APA 6th & 7th Edition:
The APA reference generator on Pay to Take My Class Online is compatible with APA 6 and APA 7. Regardless of the edition you're using, we have you covered.
Find your source by title, URL, DOI, ISBN, and more to automatically obtain the necessary data.
Citation Databases:
With the help of our top-rated APA reference generator, understanding citations are super easy.
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How to Format Citations in APA

We employ APA 7th edition citation generator:

Students, researchers, and experts in the social and behavioral sciences frequently employ the APA style. The free citation maker on PTTMCO creates precise references and in-text citations automatically.

The most significant citation rules from the 7th edition of the APA Publication Manual are summarized in this citation guide (2020).

In-text APA citations:

1. The basics:

The last name of the author, the date of publication, and, if applicable, a location like a page number or timestamp are all included in APA in-text citations. For instance (Smith, 2021, p. 170). Consider it a reduced version of the reference list entry.

Every time you use to pay someone to take your class for words or ideas in a quote or paraphrase, you must include in-text citations. By doing this, you avoid plagiarism and provide due credit to the original author.

2. Narrative vs. parenthetical citation:

Parenthetical and narrative in-text citations are both acceptable formats. The APA 7th edition citation generator on Pay to Take My Class Online automatically generates both forms when citing a source.

Parenthetical citation: According to new research … (Smith, 2020).

Narrative citation: Smith (2020) notes that …

3. Multiple authors and corporate authors:

When a source contains many authors or an organization as an author, the in-text citation is somewhat altered. Pay close attention to the ampersand (&) sign and punctuation.

Author type Parenthetical citation Narrative citation
One author (Smith, 2020) (Smith (2020)
Two authors (Smith & Jones, 2020) Smith and Jones (2020)
Three or more authors (Smith et al., 2020) Smith et al. (2020)
Organization (PTTMCO, 2020) PTTMCOB (2020)

4. Missing information:

Follow the instructions listed below when the author, publication date, or locator is unclear.

Missing element What to do Parenthetical citation
Date Write “n.d.” for “no date.” (Smith, n.d.)
Page number Either use an alternative locator or omit the page number. (Smith, 2020, Chapter 3) or (Smith, 2020)

Our APA cite generator free helps not only authors or teachers but as well as students looking for their work cited correctly and precisely.

APA References

1. The basics:

In APA references, the author, publication date, source, and information about the author are often included. Depending on the source type, you might need to include further details to help your reader find the source.

2. Reference examples:

Selecting the appropriate reference style is the first step in citing a source. For further information on the format for the most popular source categories, see our online reference generator APA, the punctuation, capitalization, and italicization should all be used with care.

3. Missing Information:

Particularly with sources obtained through the online reference generator APA, it is fairly unusual for some information to be unknown or missing. The reference is somewhat modified in these situations.

Missing element What to do Parenthetical citation
Author Start the reference entry with the source title. Title. (Date). Source.
Date Write “n.d.” for “no date”. Author. (n.d.). Title. Source.
Title Describe the work in square brackets. Author. (Date). [Description]. Source.

APA reference page format:

The basics:

You add all the references you used in your article on the reference page. The page immediately follows the main text and before any appendices.

The section heading "References" should be written on the first line of the page (in bold and centered). Start listing your references in alphabetical order on the second line.

Use the following formatting standards for the APA reference page:

  • Double spacing (within and between references)
  • Hanging indent of ½ inch
  • Legible font (e.g. Times New Roman 12 or Arial 11)
  • Page number in the top right header

Resources and tools:

Millions of students and academics benefit each month from APA referencing tool including many other tools and services.

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Citation Generator:
Create citations in APA, MLA, and Harvard styles with the help of our APA format citation generator flawlessly.
Edition switches:
Look for different editions of APA. Such as APA 6 reference generator and APA edition 7th, and so on.
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