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Use of ChatGPT in School

ChatGPT is about to Change Everything in Your Classroom - What to Expect

A Swedish philosopher, Nick Bostrom once said; “Machine intelligence is the last invention that humanity will ever need to make” and it turned out to be true in so many ways. Machine intelligence or more specifically artificial intelligence has never stopped amazing us since its introduction. From collecting data processes much faster to predicting accurate results in digital marketing; AI has done wonders.


Open AI (an AI research-based laboratory in San Francisco) has made yet another invention by making use of principles of generative AI to create ChatGPT.  This post is intended to analyze all about ChatGPT, the importance of ChatGPT, its uses in different sectors, and every aspect of ChatGPT.

What is ChatGPT?

On 30th Nov 2022; AI developed and launched new software named ChatGPT. This software was based on the principles of generative AI that describe algorithms and is used to create new content in the form of text, videos, audio, and so on. The use of ChatGPT can be realized from its very definition.

ChatGPT is an abbreviation for chat generative pre-trained transformer is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot. Various deep-learning techniques are sued by this software to produce human-like behavior or to start human-like conversations.  It has only been three months since its introduction and it has already become the talk of the town. The use of chatGPT is valid in various applications including;

  • In content creation, chatGPT produces coherent and human-like text results.
  • The importance of chatGPT can also be realized through the fact that any text can be summarized or reinterpreted into human-like text.
  • It can also answer questions in any form whether it is in précised answers or detailed answers.
  • Any language can also be converted or translated into your preferred language through ChatGPT. Besides that, it can also recognize the kind of language written or being used.

Models of ChatGPT:

Two models of chatGPT have been introduced up till now; one is the first model named chatGPT-3 while the newer model is chatGPT-4 which better version of the older model. ChatGPT-4 promises a better and improved generation of text that mimics human behavior and speed patterns. It handles language translation, text summarization, and related tasks in a much better way. 

ChatGPT in different sectors:

ChatGPT has managed to make its mark in multiple sectors. Some of the sectors where chatGPT has been a crucial role are as follows;

  • ChatGPT in education.
  • ChatGPT in business.
  • ChatGPT in marketing.
  • ChatGPT in compiling research.
  • ChatGPT in communication management.

What are the uses of ChatGPT?

It is a well-known fact that the main function of ChatGPT is to generate human-like text in a conversational tone and to give a natural language response. However; the readers will be better able to understand the significance of chatGPT when they will get to know about some of its uses of it, which are as follows;


Online learning is the future of education is a known fact but the use of online tools has also become an integral part of this education. ChatGPT is one such tool that proves to be quite helpful in compiling research work from different dissertations and thesis projects. ChatGPT not only summarizes the literature review for you but also identifies the research gaps.


ChatGPT can be used to write blogs, articles, and other such written material that promotes a particular brand or company. Besides that; it is these blogs that bring awareness and provide information about the brand in detail.


Another plus point of ChatGPT is that it helps in brainstorming ideas for the user. When the user refreshes the page with the same topic again and again, chatGPT presents you with new material each time.


ChatGPT also assists in writing computer codes. Moreover; it generates frameworks and outlines applications hence giving into the questions like how data should be structured, and so on.


Automation is the process in which a task is automatically done by a machine to ease the load on human beings. This is where chatGPT steps in once again by providing the facility of automation in sales management.

Provision of customized instructions:

No big brand can reply to the question of each customer individually, especially the basic ones. So; in such cases; it is the chatGPT that interviews and provides customized instructions to the customer.

Translation purposes:

ChatGPT can help human beings in translating different languages in two different ways. It can pre-process the text and then assist with the post-editing with the machine translations. In addition to that; it can be used to generate natural-sounding speech from a text known as text-to-speech translation.

Assistance in customer on-board process:

Customer on-board is the process where a customer signs up for your website and goes through the whole process of becoming a part or member of your website. It is the ChatGPT that assists in this onboarding of the customer by providing them with customized forms and allowing them to fill in the required details.

Helps in customer engagement:

ChatGPT is able to keep the customers engaged with the brand by answering their queries instantly, and by providing them with all the necessary details plus information about the product so that they won’t have to wait for long and can stay connected with the brand site.

ChatGPT in education sector:

Our education sectors have already been shifting to the digital world and online use of systems slowly and steadily but things paced a bit more after the outbreak of coronavirus. Now; we have reached the stage where we have been provided with an important tool like ChatGPT. ChatGPT in the education sector is widely used, especially by students.

Students used to buy Take My Online Class services just so they can focus on writing extensive academic projects that have been assigned to them. Now; students don’t have to worry about those anymore because chatGPT is there to assist them by doing all the writing for them. It is a free app so there is no stress of money and generates a fairly convincing approximation of the text.

Can I use ChatGPT for school?

Even though; chatGPT has proved to be crucial for the education system and students in various ways but it is not permissible to use chatGPT in school. You can take assistance with this tool in academic tasks assigned to you at home but you cannot use this or other similar tools in educational institutes. However; if any homework assigned academic tasks are concerned then this tool can help you in;

  • Generating appropriate answers to the composition, publishable academic paper, or essay questions.
  • Understanding every aspect of this technology and how it works.
  • Estimating the limitations and possibilities of taking information from online sources.

Is ChatGPT good for learning?

I Need Someone To Take My Online Class is something that we often hear from students because they feel exhausted and tired of the academic load. In such times; it is tools and apps like these that help in easing students’ academic burden. Whether ChatGPT can be termed as a plus point or negative addition to the education sector is a debatable question but as Loren Weisman said;

“To me, artificial Intelligence like ChatGPT used by those with wisdom, knowledge, and experience can authentically enhance the distribution of intelligence and information in a positive way. Though when used by deceptive, inexperienced, and greedy fools, it can be a dangerous tool.”

So; it basically depends on how you use a particular tool. For some professors; chatGPT is a tool that improves critical thinking ability by presenting multiple ideas. It is because when the ChatGPT tool presents the content then the students try to revise the suggested content which improves their critical thinking ability.  In addition to that; it improves their writing skills by fastening up the writing process for them. This tool interests students more and keeps them engaged with their studies in a better way.

Is using ChatGPT cheating?

Is it cheating or not? Is it ethical or not? Is it legal or not? These are some of the questions that every new invention has to face because honestly speaking it takes time for human beings to adapt to the changes and new inventions.

Still; if readers want a clear answer in this regard then it can be said; using ChatGPT during exams or during the time when a student’s academic growth has to be assessed is cheating. However; if a student is using this tool to get assistance with his studies at home then there is nothing wrong with it.

Future of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is surely here to stay. A light modification of this tool can prove to be greatly helpful in the following sectors;

  • Use of conversational algorithms in the healthcare industry.
  • Use of deep data sets in the finance industry for portfolio management and asset optimization.
  • Use for project management and interaction purposes in the marketing industry.
  • Creation of customized itineraries for customers, and recommendations of restaurants in the tourist department.


ChatGPT is the latest and most talked about the invention of artificial intelligence. This tool has silently gotten into different sectors of life and has managed to make its mark varying from education to management. Besides; it can further help in the future in so many ways by streamlining processes and by increasing accuracy.