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Major Online Learning Challenges And Their Solutions

Major Online Learning Challenges And Their Solutions

Oh no… Facing the internet issue again. I have an online class to attend and I need to finish writing this blog. I have to submit it on time but it looks like it will be late.

This is why I opt to pay to take my online class and I am so happy with my decision. I completed the blog on time.

Are you facing the same issue during online learning?  These technical and several different issues make this online experience bad.

The New Normal…

Yes! We all are familiar with this term, as we stepped into the year 2020.  The novel coronavirus took the world by surprise. From shopping to work and education everything shifted online. Lots of hurdles come in the way of students and who knows how long these changes will stay here.

I am sure the online learning problems that I faced, you guys faced it too. But can’t find any proper solutions for them. Don’t worry! This blog is based on the major online learning challenges and their solutions which almost every student have faced during eLearning. So here we go!

Hurdles...Hurdles…Hurdles All the Way:

Challenge no 1: Interruptions Everywhere:

My cat just came in front of the screen and purred… Cute but my professor isn’t impressed with this at all. When taking an online class, you will face several distractions and you can’t ignore them.

One of the major challenges of online learning for students is Time Management as it depends on self-motivation. You need to focus on your studies, learn how to manage your time, and prepare the daily schedule to avoid any inconvenience during online classes.

How to solve it: Prepare a timetable, decide what things you need to do first and later, they should not be in the way of your online class. Share it with your family so they can understand your problems with online classes in a better way.

Choose a quiet place and time for your studies even if you can be a night owl so be one. Mute the notifications, find ways to block those social media platforms for time being to focus during online learning.

Challenge no 2: Bored… Staring at Screen Scenes:

Online learning should be more engaging not boring. Several different courses are only based on never-ending texts and lectures that fail to deliver the course interactively. Lack of engagement and motivation is the major issue for the failure of online learning. This way no one takes the course seriously and ends up learning not much from the course.

How to Solve It:

The teacher must ensure to deliver an engaging lecture that includes interactive learning material such as videos, assessments in the form of a game, and more.

Ask for their feedback at the end of the class so you can gain the insights where you need to focus and make the next lesson more interesting.

Challenge no 2: Bored… Staring at Screen Scenes:

In the basement to take the class? But the internet connection making it all impossible? We all can access the class wherever we want to. We want to open several different digital tools and software at one time.

The quality of the video is poor and the sound is awful all because of the internet. Our current data plans are not enough to support the remote learning needs. Teachers and students face the same issue.

How to solve it:

Have a backup plan, always have a backup plan. To avoid such issues, make sure to check the connection beforehand. Stay in touch with the teachers to inform them about the issue you are facing. Ask them to provide you the recordings of the class that you missed as backups are always a good idea.

You can also contact your institute to take assistance regarding the technical issues in online learning.

Challenge no 4: No Social Interaction:

We all had a great time sitting on campus, having coffee, chit chat with friends, and much more. We get many opportunities to sit with our friends to discuss group projects. In-person interactions are more engaging than online.

Through online meetings with friends, you can not spend the golden times. The same problems faced by students in online classes. It’s so hard to catch with everyone as all of them are not available at the same time due to their commitments.

How to solve it:

Try to organize short online meetings or groups to communicate with each other. In case any one of your friends has any query, resolve them through an online group and discuss. Use platforms like Zoom. Google meet or Skype for better interaction. Teachers should also arrange some meetings to solve students’ queries in a smooth manner.

We Can Do It Together:

Online learning might be difficult but hey you can do it. Manage your time and focus on your goals to stay right on track.