Pay to Take My Class Online

Taking Online Classes – Students Opinion

I am the person who spends most of my time on the internet. From going on one social media platform to another, watching movies or TV series, checking emails, and thanks to the delivery services I do online shopping too.

I never imagined and I am pretty sure no one could have expected that the education would have ended this way too. Taking the whole semester online, listening to lectures via Google meet does require a bit more effort than scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram page, or playing candy crush!

My Experience of Online Learning

So many of you must have different opinions but mine has been pretty good…J

If I talk about my experience of ‘online classes’, honestly speaking it didn’t bother me. I mean sitting on a couch with a big packet of Cheetos and listening to my sir discussing the industrial revolution felt much better than listening to how the “new stone” revolution took place around 1,000 B.C. in the classroom.

Remote learning in my view was more manageable than face-to-face classes. Being a university student, today I am going to share my overall experience of online classes with you all. Maybe many of you can relate to it.

Let’s go (online, of course.):

Online classes demand just as much effort as in-person classes, and time commitment is roughly the same. However, the online mode gives you greater flexibility than classroom learning.

Learning from an online lecture is unique; it can be done from anywhere, and at any time.

Let’s go a bit deeper.

1. Pocket-friendly:

It’s like a good deal at affordable prices. We all know that education costs a lot of money. You pay for the courses, activity fees, cafeteria meals, and a bunch of other expenses.  Although I paid the full semester fee as I did for in-person classes but apart from this, I paid no extra money.

In institutes, most teacher requirements are print copies of assignments and reports which we have to give to secure marks. In online learning, we didn’t need to give printed files and reports anymore as submissions were done through emails. Thank God my money is saved.

Journey to Campus:

I spend hours traveling why? Because to reach the campus on time. With remote learning, you don’t need to travel to and from the campus which saves a lot of your time. All you need to do is wake up 10 minutes before the early morning class and there you are, exactly on time. Online classes save the time of the students, so they have much time to concentrate other academic related task.

2. The Comfort Zone:

No need to select what to wear for the next day. We are on the same page for this, right? I attended my classes in PJs. I was laying in bed with my laptop and listening to the lecture.

No, I am not lazy. I am in energy-saving mode. Come on! It’s morning time and we have a golden chance to be lazy. You must have heard about the famous show “Seinfeld” one of the famous characters in the show jerry said, “wearing sweatpants is a sign that you’ve given up on life”. Now being in your PJs is like a hero saving the world.

3. Distractions? No more:

You are tired! The person next to you is talkative, and the voice of the drill machine because some new cafeteria or department is under construction. Your friends want to talk about the “Money heist” rather than your course project which you have to submit next week and sometimes you start daydreaming during class.

With online classes, I felt much focused while studying. I can change the room or can sit in a place for my classwork to ignore distractions. Can study whenever I feel is the best time to focus on any task.

Not Everyone Feels The Same…

Some of you might not agree with this as most students, including my friends, at home are burdened with lots of responsibilities and distractions you can’t focus on properly. Staring at the screen straight for 2.5 hours is not easy NOT AT ALL.

Due to this many students search for someone to pay to take my class online so, they can manage other tasks at home.

4. I Am Tech-Savvy Now

This is a good thing to be tech-savvy in today’s world. You need to be on a computer to connect with your class, download course material, and interact with your peers. That was a bit scary that how I will manage this all but I learned so many essential skills to be on track.

Believe Me, It Will Get Better:

There are couple of issues I faced too, such as: technical, assignment burdens, time management, lack of motivation, etc. but with time it gets better. Just stay focused. YOU CAN DO IT J

It is not a bad thing afterall.