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    • Differential Cost Differential
    • Integral Integral
    • Multivariable Multivariable
    • Fractional Fractional
    • Geometry Differential
    • Calculus Support for all Tiers

    Differential Calculus

    Need help with Differential Calculus exam?

    Differential calculus is a branch of calculus in mathematics that examines the rates at which variables change. It is one of the two classical branches of calculus; the other is integral calculus, which examines the region under a curve. Our experts will take care of variety of topics like:

    • Optimization
    • Variation
    • Time derivation
    • Theorem
    • Taylor polynomials and Taylor series

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    Integral Calculus

    Need help with Integral Calculus exam?

    In mathematics, an integral lends numerical values to functions to represent concepts like volume, area, and displacement that result from combining infinitesimally small amounts of data. Integration is the action of locating integrals. Our experts will handle a range of subjects, including:

    • Terminology and notation
    • Interpretations
    • Riemann integral
    • Lebesgue integral
    • Linearity

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    Multivariable Calculus

    Need help with Multivariable Calculus exam?

    The expansion of one-variable calculus to calculus with functions of many variables, or multivariate calculus, involves the differentiation and integration of functions using multiple variables as opposed to only one. Calculus with many variables can be seen as an introduction to more complex calculus. Our experts will take care of variety of topics like:

    • Limits and continuity
    • Partial differentiation
    • Multiple integration
    • Fundamental theorem of calculus in multiple dimensions

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    Fractional Calculus

    Need help with Fractional Calculus exam?

    In the field of mathematical analysis known as fractional calculus, it is possible to define the real number powers or complex number powers of the differentiation operator D in a variety of ways. We cover a wide range of subtopics in fractional calculus, including:

    • Fractional derivative of a basic power function
    • Riemann–Liouville fractional integral
    • Hadamard fractional integral
    • Caputo fractional derivative
    • Caputo–Fabrizio fractional derivative

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    Differential Geometry

    Need help with Differential Geometry exam?

    The mathematical field of differential geometry focuses on the geometry of smooth manifolds, also referred to as smooth shapes and smooth spaces. It employs the methods of multilinear algebra, differential algebra, and integral calculus. Our experts will take care of variety of topics like:

    • Riemannian geometry
    • Pseudo-Riemannian geometry
    • Finsler geometry
    • Symplectic geometry
    • Contact geometry

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    Support for all Tiers

    Have questions about a different calculus topic exam?

    Students can get support on other calculus -related subjects such as:

    • Continuous function
    • Derivative
    • Fundamental theorem of calculus
    • Integral
    • Limit
    • Non-standard analysis
    • Partial derivative
    • Infinite Series

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